You’re perfectly right.

I couldn’t agree more.



I suppose so.

That’s true, I suppose.

I strongly agree with you.

You might be right there.

This is exactly what I think.

You´ve just spoken my mind


I don’t really agree.

I can’t really go along with you there.

I think you’re mistaken.

I’m afraid I can’t agree with you there.

I see your point, but…

Yes, but it depends.

That may well be true, but…

Yes, but on the other hand…

That’s not really how I see it.


Addition: (and)

as well as; in addition to that;

besides that ; furthermore;

moreover; what’s more

Contrast: (but)

although; while; whereas; as a contrast

even though ; in spite of

despite; nevertheless; though

nonetheless; however;

yet; even so; still; though

on the other hand , on the other side

Reason: (because)

as; since; that’s why;

because of this, in reason

Result: (so)

therefore; as a conclusion, as a consequence

consequently; for instance

as a result, based on

Condition: (if)

unless; in case; so long as; whether

as long as; provided that

Fonte: Janine Neves


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