Answers the questions below using ALREADY or YET in your answers :

a-) Have you traveled abroad ?

b-) Have you ever cooked lazanha ?

c-) Have you ever bought a gift for your mom ?

d-) Have you fallen off a bike ?

e-) Have you ever studied Spanish , German or French ?

Imagine you´re talking to a friend of yours.
Complete the conversation below ir order to geive it a good sense.

YOU: Hi _____. Good to see you around. Are you feeling better ?
YOUR FRIEND : Yes,thanks . I had a cold last week, but now I feel better.___________________(be ) through real hard times .
YOU: You know…I´m, actually going to the movies tomorrow night. Would you like to come ?
YOUR FRIEND : Sure. What are you going to watch ?
YOU : Well, I really don´t know . Maybe “ 300” with Rodrigo Santoro . _____________ ________(see )it ?
YOUR FRIEND: _____________________________yet.It surely sounds good to me .
YOU: Ok.What about meeting on front of the theater at 8 p.m. ?
YOUR FRIEND : That´s perfect . ______________________(meet) my new girlfriend ?
YOU: Yes, __________already met her . She´s really beautiful !
YOUR FRIEND : Yes, she surely is . I´ll take her with us tomorrow. Is there any problem about it ?
YOU: No, of course not . There´s no problem at all . I´ll see you tomorrow then ,bye !
YOUR FRIEND : See you ! Bye-bye

Rewrite the paragraph below by making use of contractions and the past participle of the verbs in parantheses :

I have __________(visit) many different countries around the world ,but I have never _______ (be) to Ireland. People say it is a magnificent country . I have _____________(experience) many different cultures in almost 30 countries but I have never ____________( buy ) any object that could not be considered as being mystical. I am an spiritualist. I have already ____________ (study) many religions. I simply love everything about it .
Fonte: Janine Neves
English/Portuguese Teacher

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