Geisy Arruda

Geisy Arruda Video, Public Outcry Lead to Expulsion for Short Dress
Written by Deena on Nov-8-09 9:16pm
The Geisy Arruda video on YouTube might be in Portuguese, but it’s easy to see the hundreds of students heckling the 20-year-old for wearing a short, hot pink dress to the Brazilian university. Since the October 22nd incident, Geisy has been featured on many talk shows and was expelled from the school for the scandalous outfit and media flurry that followed.

Geisy Arruda was expelled for wearing a short dress to school in Brazil. (
Sources say there has been a huge public outcry, with the school calling the provocative dress a violation of “ethical principles, academic dignity and morality” (via AP). There have been reports of people taking out ads in the paper today to publicly chastise her.

The school says they expelled Arruda after talking to her many times to have her change her appearance. Instead, she allegedly posed for pictures and ignored the requests to cover up. Still, she doesn’t think her expulsion is fair. “I was the victim,” she said. “How can I be expelled? It’s absurd.”


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